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Hi! My name is Magda and I'm a UX/UI Designer e Frontend Web Developer from Lisbon, Portugal. I'm passionate about Digital Marketing, Web Design, UI Design, UX Design, Web Development, Technology, Writing and Photography.

Magda Pimentel
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When I was a child I wanted to be an Artist . As a teenager I started to get interested in Writing, Photography and Video.

At the age of 17, when I entered university, I chose Communication Sciences in order to pursue Audiovisual and Multimedia. In the last year of my degree, Journalism caught my attention and I embarked on this area.

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For more than two years I was a Digital Journalist. I have written on various topics related to Politics, Diplomacy, Security, Defense and Society for Lusophone communities around the world.

In 2015, after completing a postgraduate degree in Journalism, I realized that I was on the wrong path. I spent the following year taking free online courses on various subjects and developing personal projects.

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In early 2016, a problem with a blog about Photography and Journalism led me to learn HTML. At that time, I fell in love with Digital Marketing, Web Design and Web Development.

I discovered that I wanted to work in an area that involved Creativity, Communication and Technology and that allowed me to carry out different projects at the same time and always be learning.

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Between 2016 and 2017 I took a Web Design course, where I took Design, Programming and Web Marketing classes.

Less than a month after finishing the course, I started an internship at a Communication and Marketing agency, where for the last five years I was a Web Designer and Developer and had the opportunity to lead a team.

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In the last five years at an agency I developed projects for more than 50 clients in several areas: Education, Engineering, Energy, Social Responsibility, Restaurant, Health and Public Sector.

I worked with several clients: Corrida Semper Mulher, Forum Portugal Digital, Galbilec, Implantology Institute, Porto de Aveiro, SA Training, Schneider Electric, SGMAI, Tlantic, TPF Consultores, among others.

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In 2022 I took a UX/UI Design course, where I had the opportunity to develop three group projects and a work for a real client in a multidisciplinary team.

I currently build user-centered digital solutions, from dynamic responsive websites to intuitive mobile applications.


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